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ZON Hey Stozo!Where'd you git dat fonk from ?

STOZO I musta got it from GOD or somethin' my mom or dad or...

ZON You know like da music you create,the art,all those crazy funky cartoons your jokes...?

STOZO I got into music and art early as far back as the 2nd grade or so doin the "Cloud Nine" by The Temptations in Jr.High School talent shows and once did a small bit part in a High School Production of the play "Bye Bye Birdie".I was da kid who sang "What's the matter with kids today!?".Had a JV cheerleader girlfriend at da time too.

ZON Whoze music did you dig as you were comming up?

STOZO I always dug the wierd novelty stuff,Movie and TV Soundtracks ,Spy Movies,Rock,Motown, Hendrix Experience,Zappa,Sly and The Family Stone,James Brown,ParliamentFunkadelic,Issac Hayes,BlackSabbath, and so so many,Chicago,Earth Wind&Fire,Graham Central Station, Shuggie Otis,Stax,Automatic Man,Yes,Todd Rundren and Nazz, Betty Davis,Rufus and Chaka Khan,Stevie Wonder,Bootsy,Tower Of Power, D.C.Go Go,Cheech and Chong,Alvin and The Chipmonks....The liss goes on so much badd ass music in my path!!!

ZON What about your other favorite artitsts and cartoonists?

STOZO Yeah!...that's easy right from the start R.CRUMB,Walt Disney,Hanna Barbara,WarnerBro Cartoons,Flieshman' know FELIX the CAT,Betty Boop, "hope I ain't misspellin or dispronouncin these muggs names" ...Ralph Bakshi,Pedro Bell,Overton Loyd,Matt Groening,NYC Grafiti Art,Lil Orphan Annie,Playboy Magazine,Dr Suess,the art of Japaneese,Africans,Mexicans,Native Americans,Mona Lisa,Miles,"On The Corner"art, Fat Albert,MAD Magazine,Jay Ward,Jackson Five,Da Muppets, didn't realize i dig so many toons and toonists.........

ZON So what's up next with you and your TOONS ...guess that word covers both of the things I heard you were always working on?

STOZO "Its always a SUPRIZE! know what a Clown iz!?

ZON can you at least give us a hint?

STOZO Sure...for stotters "CLOWN RED'S IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!"

ZON Ok Thanks Stoze!...I guess we'll have to "STAY TOON'N BRO!"

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