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!!!???IMPORTANT NEWSBREAKS???!!! STOZO,COM under reconstruction ...stay toon'd!!! GO TO WWW.MYSPACE.COM/STOZO

Stozo The Clown and Ronald P.Edwards have just completed the CD Art production for George Clinton Presents P-Funk Allstars for release September 6 2005.CD is entiled"How Late Do U Have 2B B4 UR Absent".Visit for a closer look at this project.


NOVEMBER 10,2004-JANUARY 21,2005 Opening Reception:November 18,2004 5:00pm-7:00pm


Art piece by:Ronald STOZO Edwards Title:"Purple Haze'd (Jimi Hendrix art print)

Halloween 2004 Stozo is working on his long awaited allstar SOLO JOINT which is scheduled for the year 2005 it is comming along great!He plans to realease KLOWNRED FUNK a collection of songs created in the 80-90's a comedy album full of funky musical parodies and cartoon voices like Lil Alvin and The Chipmonks.Produced by Howdy D and Stozo The Clown with other guests.A fun fonkay project that will have you laughin and shakin yo ass!!!to order go to"Klownred's In Da House!!!

Fri, Jul 30, 2004 @ 9pm 94.1 KPFA Live Broadcast Benefit For Public Radio Ricky Vincent's History of Funk Show! 94.1 KPFA Live Broadcast Party!! With performances by... P-Funk Allstar RonKat Spearman with Ronkat the Funklectik, Blackbyrd McKnight from Parliament Funkadelic on guitar Zootzilla Blue Lotus Hosted by KPFA DJ Funky Man With KPFA DJ's Uhuru Maggott and G-Spot spinning Drink Specials all night long! Artwork by George Clinton and Stozo the Clown!



"The Lower East Side Story"

to order email klownred

2004 gettin off to a funky start!!!Stozo has finnished cd cover of ZOOTZILLA'S Pn' All Over Da Place check it out at and also some funky doodlin for P-FUNK'S drummer "UNDI$CO KIDD"

STOZO THE CLOWN PRESENTS ???? the mystery CD release is done! Are you RED E.for a some new funky jams for the new year order your copy now at!!! we want you to dig it and check it out....advance copies ready by April Fools Day 2004. Also new tracks were being done on STOZO'S "MUSICAL ADVENTURES" solo joint in Hollywood and S.F.Bay area with some more very hot guest appearances.Trust me this is gonna be BIGG CLASSIC FUNK 4 ya!!!

Hey P-Funk Fans,our pal Peter Jebson webmaster for out of Germany has featured a classic interview of Ronald "Stozo" Edwards that was conducted by Emmy Award screen writer and editor of Uncut Magazine David Mills...some interesting funky stories about his daze with The U.S.Funk Mob aka Parliament -Funkadelic and George Clinton go to

Short link:

Hot Funk In the SummerTime 2003!!!...Stozo has been in the studio completeing his "Musical Adventures Of Stozo The Clown" with some very special surprise guests from the Rock and Roll hall Of Fame.

Stay Toon Stozo is putting together a very funky special tribute to P-Funk Artist Pedro Bell known for his Funkadelic comics and album covers who is sufferring from a loss of his vision.

March/April 2003 edition of JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE's CURRENT section features a reveiw of the "ART OF FUNK" show at Studio Z in San Francisco,Cali from last November 2002 that features the art of George Clinton,Pedro Bell,Stozo,Overton Loyd,and other major funky P-Funk artists(photo by Scott Chernis)

CLOWN RED ALERT!!! I know you didn't miss the Klown Red Smoke Out in Northern Cali on Jan 31 2003,your funk would have come in handy!!! Who says "Red Necks" don't give up da fonk! specially when they are Klown "Red' necks!

A semi shy Stozo the Clown join'd in onto the second set of an all JIMI HENDRIX,JAMES BROWN,SLY AND P-FUNK laced set -tribute with the main two members of KLOWN RED Stozo and the CLOWN PRINCE BASS PLAYER L.O.,joined by GAIL "BABYFACE'MULDROW alumni of Graham Central Station, Sly and the Family Stone,and recently Prince. Gail smoked through all the classic Hendrix jams we could think of and she also does a slammin Maggot Brain!

On Drums we were honored to have the Machine Guns of CHRIS MARVIN the son of legendary actor soldier LEE MARVIN. My big red clown nose rolled out onto the dance floor to be picked up by a hot blonde with a bikini top that shook the ass that she brought with huh...well thats what I told them to do "Shake da ass that you brought wit ya! and like the DR says..."You know what its gonna gitcha!"

Keep up with the Musical Adventures Of Stozo The Clown

RONALD "STOZO" EDWARDS was featured on Ricky Vincents HISTORY OF FUNK radio show in Berkley California where the theme was Bay Area P-Funk.Stozo is in the San Fransisco Bay area putting final strokes and jokes on "The Musical Adventures Of Stozo The Clown"and a nother top secret very funky collaboration with a very talented young bass player.Stozo showcased a toon from one of his ready to be released musical projects that features rappers,singers and a possible collaboration with the music of D'Angelo on top of some of his finest musical hip hop funk sountracks with collaborators Paul Gandia,Brian Vasquez and Kenya D.O.G.Stay Toon for a late winter early spring release !!!!!

The "Art Of Funk" Show featuring the legendary artists of the P-Funk Nation,Pedro Bell,Overton Loyd,Ronald Stozo Edwards,George Dr Funkenstein Clinton himself and new blood Sara De Traeger,Tim Stevens, Siron Norris and photography by Scott Chernis.Twas a sensational event plans for another on the east coast is in the works stay toon.Clinton performed a song or two at the opening.see

"THE MUSICAL ADVENTURES OF STOZO THE CLOWN" is on its way to earth STOZO THE CLOWN is sittin on the dock of the bay in San Francisco ,California preparin' for its landing...Get Ready to "GET YOUR CLOWN ON!!!"

At special newstands and bookstores, "ill" illustrations by Stozo to accompany the poetry of Poet Thomas Sayer Ellis, "a real funky cat" to be seen in 2002 in Tin House Magazine and Wax Poets.

420 FUNK MOB LIVE!!! Stozo The Clown is featured in da mix somewhere on the 420 Funk Mob Tripfest Live collections of performances at Tramps,WetLands,and Woodstock,NYC.420 Funk Mob is a spin off group of members of the PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC Family featuring Mike Kidd Funkadelic Hampton,Billy Bass Nelson,Boogie Mossom,Clip Payne,Lige Curry, Greg Fitz,Gabe Gonzales and other funkateers,plus "The Dr" himself George Clinton!(Go to 420TRIPFEST.COM)

At special newstands and bookstores, "ill" illustrations by Stozo to accompany the poetry of Poet Thomas Sayer Ellis, "a real funky cat" to be seen in 2002 in Tin House Magazine and Wax Poets.

Also...Stay Toon'd 4 Bride of Funkenstein's Sheila Horne's "7 Roses"., Stozo performs and co-produces on various tracks.There is a great cover of INNA GODDA DA VIDA and Stozo's personal favorite track "Hey Soldier!"featuring Funkadelic Mike Hampton guitars and Stozo on keys(Go to for info on Sheila's release)

Stozo just completed some art dabblings for Zapp and Roger Anthology. "We Can Make You Dance'" Stozo fans wanna know that this is a rare ad for this compilation.The caricature of Roger Troutman is not seen on some versions of this packaging.

Stozo The Clown is currently in the studio producing projects for singer Lex James,Christian Doshcer,7 Roses for Shelia Horne of the Brides of Funkenstein,and Cohesion a band lead by Shuggie's oldest son, multi-instrumentalist Lucky Otis.E-mail us to get a copy of the COHESION CD (its pretty darn coool!)

.Stozo The Clown teaches Lakers player Shaq O'Neal the keyboard riff from "Atomic Dog" at a session for Shaq's upcomming music CD.The session was produced by P-Funk Allstar George Clinton.

.CLINTON-GWAR or did they say CLINTON-GORE!? Nope! it is CLINTON-GWAR...P-Funk artist Stozo The Clown and artist Bob Gorman artist for the Funky Outrageous theatrical heavy metal hardcore band Gwar have teamed up for some crazy art adventures ...stay toon'd!

Stozo's clown noze was taken from him at a taping of The David Letterman Show by the producers of the show.They apologized and returned it once they found out who he was.Stozo was seated in the audience attending the appearance of Shuggie Otis sittin in with Paul Shafer and The Late Night Orchestra.After the show Stozo spoke to Paul Shafer about the ordeal and reminded him that he was the designer of the P-Funk Uncle Jam shirt he used to wear religously on the show night after night.

Stozo The Clown's favorite primary musical collaborator, partner and guitar player extraordinare Shuggie Otis has re-released his classic record album "Inspiration Information" on CD.This version includes the original version of "Strawberry Letter#23" not heard by many that was made a hit record by the funk-pop group The Brothers Johnson. Shuggie Otis and other legendary Funk musicians assist Stozo on his debut CD.Including some very special collaborations with the late FUNKADELIC lead guitarist and singer Eddie "Maggot Brain" Hazel and some other very funky surprise guests!!! ...worth waitin 4!!!...By the way...BEYONCE',MYA,AND MONICA ! cover and sample some of Shuggie's tracks on their upcomming solo cd's.


.STOZO THE CLOWN was a guest at the "BIG APPLE COMIC CON" in New York City on January 20th.He sign'd copies of his new 2001 comic book...... believe the hype ...copies of ZEEP and other Stozo Stuff were also available...Keep Toonin In!!!...Stozo,The Iron Sheik,and other classic World Wrestling Federation cats along with the sexy Ellen Michaels 1972 Playboy centerfold Playmate had a great time!

Stozo The Clown ,who was a resident of N.Y.C. would like to sent out a personal greeting to all thoze who were survivors and victoms of the terrorist actions that took place last year at the World Trade Center,The Pentagon,and around the world .Stozo personally witness'd the destruction of the WTC from beginin' to end from the roof top of his pad on the East River,Brooklyn N.Y....also PEACE to Aahliyah who just previous to her tragedy also caused by plane was drawn as a great cartoon character on her covers(wish he had done those).She had become somewhat of an inspiration to Stozo and he had hopes of meeting or working with her..."It is my mission on this earth to entertain, humor and contribute my art to the world for happiness and fun,thanks to all thoze of you who are down with and have suported and inspired Stozo The Clown and the rest of da world!

...Stay Toon'd!!!"